Happy holidays and thank you

This year has been as successful as expected for my business despite the pandemic. A large part because my business has been limiting the business to web based, telecommuting (Datacommuting) and picking up from customer services since 2015 and what my business does was also deemed essential. My business had been web based since the beginning in 1999. Although the pandemic affected me in different ways, it didn’t bring my business up or down much.

I also completed a different milestone. One the pandemic has helped me with. The last time I was on a bus was on December 2, 2019. That was the last time I was in a motorized street vehicle. I went months at a time without being in a motorized street vehicle in 2019. That doesn’t mean I don’t get around. I biked over 1000 miles in 2020 and worked in 4 different towns.

Miles biked from home toAproximate DistanceNumber of tripsRound tripmiles trip totalmiles cumulative total
Little falls3242256368
Baxter dr1.145299831.8
Community garden1702140994.6
Buffalo hills trail loop4.27129.41048
Nate’s estimated Miles biked in 2020
(on low side there were other bike, walking and running trips)

That doesn’t mean I haven’t went through any hardships like most people this year.

The graduate and supplemental college courses I took did not go well. It was somewhat due to me being busy and my disability but that was only part of it. Although instructors and colleges weren’t prepared for the pandemic even for courses already online, instructors that had experience with online learning before did better and those that embraced online learning did better . Administrators made the right decision by getting students out of the physical classroom and closing physical schools avoiding more people from getting sick and saving lives. Luckily I didn’t have to deal with getting sick (other than something in January at very beginning of year and some building issues where I live not covid) and was only substitute teaching in a physical classroom 8 days. However the courses I took from NFHS Learn and a few other self guided and paced courses did go well.

I had a Grandma pass away at 96, her life may have been shortened due to lack of movement being confined to her apartment getting an infection. Although I consider her to have been a very successful person mom, grandma, great grandma, retired teacher, gardener, lefse and pickle maker, genealogy researcher and so much more.

I lost 2 jobs. gained 2. Still have 1 plus this business.

I have been recording a lot of videos and taking photos this year and plan on sharing more with you soon.

Thank you for making my business a success and helping me continue to reach my goals.