On this Earthday 2020

We are reminded how intertwined we all are around the planet.

With shortages of supplies, we are reminded how to conserve these, the value of these items, the value of making them and those that make and grow them.

Crude oil in the United States monetary value is less than $0 (it has to be paid to be taken away). Traffic is down. Many types of pollution are down including noise and air pollution.

Datacommuting is being used more and more so we can still stay connected and conduct business that does not have need to be done in person. We are finding many new apps and methods that help meet this need as we stay at home whether it be for distance learning, having fun at home, seeing commercial news reports done from home, connecting with fitness class at home, for taking care of a rover on mars, or for office work.

We are reminded how important our time is outside. By missing some people we care about we remember how important they are.

We are reminded how important the people that take care of our recycling is. And those that take out garbage that we can’t find a way to recycle.

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