Datacommuting for preventative measures

I have a book called Datacommuting. It is based on telecommuting and I call it Datacommuting since today it relies more on data communications than the telephone.  I will be watching and see how everyone implements these things. I received an email that Education Minnesota has webpage with apps to use. I will try to see if there are any reductions in pollution, traffic congestion, accidents and spread of disease. There will most likely be cost savings as well. I would like to see how much is counterproductive, such as efforts to close restaurants and have more deliveries- drive throughs, and kids going to childcare instead of schools. See if people are still able to get enough exercise.

Update April 14 2020: Information shared on shows freeway traffic down. However fatal crashes have actually risen for this time period compared to other years. This is likely due to speeding. Please stay safe for essential travel.