Happy earth day!

A day to remember to take care of the place we are everyday of the year.

Taking care of your equipment such as computers monitors smartphones and tablets and properly cleaning it out can make it last longer avoiding improper disposal, and reducing the energy and materials needed to make new devices.

Don’t overlook used and refurbished equipment especially if you are good at solving problems with equipment. Upgrading a computer with a solid state drive can speed it up significantly.

Using portable devices such as smart phones and tablets can save energy compared to using a traditional desktop computer. Using less screens can also save energy.

Remember to unplug your charger from the wall when not charging equipment such as a smart phone. Laptops/notebook should only be plugged in sometimes not all the time.

you can use your computer to save you from driving or printing things by doing things such as business meetings, banking, insurance, and taxes online.

Use energy / power saving settings on your computing device. The monitor does not need to be on when nobody is there to use the computer.

Put your device into sleep mode (or off) while your taking a jog or riding bike to work.

Remember to reuse things, not only for their original use, but you may be able to find new uses for your old products or packages.

reduce the energy and water you use. Reduce the wasteful products you buy such as those with heavy packaging or those that require a lot of shipping. Less animal foods/products.

Not only recycle, but buy recycled products when possible.

Typing this to you on my solar powered keyboard. Remember when possible use renewable energy. I will be biking later to my 2nd job with my dynamo powered light.