Multiple benefits of being green

Often overlooked are the multiple benefits of being green.
By being green I mean environmentally friendly not talking about the lumberjack term of being new.

  • Reusable bags make it easier for me to transport items while walking, biking or taking the bus. They also help even just going to and from a car too, which I don’t do very often.
  • There are many ways of both being environmentally friendly and saving money. Saving energy does both. Reducing number of trips by car or other vehicles that use fossil fuels does both as well.
  • Recycling can save money and energy as well. It also makes taking out the trash easier since it is lighter.
  • Using energy saving settings on your computer, smart phone, tablet not only helps the environment but has additional benefits as well. Less distractions from screen and noise. less heat and chance of overheating equipment. Having on sleep / do not disturb mode / or off at night can also sometimes help with your own sleep. Using these settings can also help your equipment last longer.
  • Getting rid of my car not only help me be more efficient environmentally and with cost, it improved my health in many ways and gave me more time to do other things I enjoy. One way I got rid of my car is through Datacommuting (ebook  now available on iBooks, Amazon (Kindle) and Nook) using web based services. I also bike, run, and walk.
  • Properly insulating your home, using programmable thermostat, shutting blinds at night when its cold, besides saving energy, can make you more comfortable.
  • My robot vacuum not only cleans the floor for me so I don’t forget ,  It is also much more efficient than a standard upright vacuum.
  • LED lighting can help keep your place cooler than older types of artificial lighting.
  • Fast dry shirts I wear since they are more comfortable, and take less energy in washing and drying.
  • Solid State Drives are not only super fast and reliable, they make less noise, make less heat and use less energy than a hard drive.
  • Going paperless saves me money, saves energy, saves room, is better for my health.
  • Read this on a stamp: Recycling 1 can saves enough power equivalent of running a computer for 4 hours.
  • Remember to make Earth Day everyday.  Because we are here more than just one day a year.