What to do when the power is out

A reminder that the power going out by itself is not an emergency. You may want to contact your utility / power company to make sure they know about the problem.
Emergency response is only if there are other problems such as a power line down in the middle of a street, someone trapped in an elevator (in some cases calling building maintenance is better for that), or other things that you would normally call for that such as a fire, gas leek, . In Crow Wing County Minnesota they received too many calls for nonemergency power outage.
You can use a battery or crank powered radio for information. Use a Flashlight that is either battery or crank powered (LED lights last longer that is what most newer flashlights use). Water stored in freezer (see video below about putting water in freezer) and food that does not require cooking.
Don’t use electric lit gas stoves.
If there isn’t weather hazards, and it is daylight you can go outside and enjoy the day.

For your computer equipment it is good to have power conditioning for the entire building and a surge protector where it is plugged in.  You can also use an Uninterruptible power supply / battery backup
Notebook computers, tablets, and smart phones don’t need battery backup since they have their own batteries. Using wireless network connection (WiFi) can help avoid problems with power surge when the power chord is unplugged.
In addition you may want to have a backup of your computer files in case something goes wrong. We sell online storage.
Fiber optics for telephone,  data, cable tv are best to avoid damage from lightning strike. If it isn’t available in your area make sure those connections have a surge protection before it enters the building and again at your computer, tv, router, or other connected electronic.
Lightning rods on roof can also help (any roof antennas grounded), and being in a sturdy structure.