The latest in scam emails that I've received

Hopefully most of these go straight to your junk or bulk email so you don’t have to look at these.
Some phishing scams I’ve seen:
US Solar department. There isn’t a US Solar department. There is US department of energy. There are sometimes government incentives federal state, and local. (In Minnesota the commerce department sometimes handles these)  But the emails that say US Solar department is a scam and there are also similar scams.
We need to update your security information right away. Saying it’s From an email provider, bank, government agency, or other place. It is highly unlikely that this from your actual email provider, bank, or government agency. It is someone trying to get your information.  All of these places have a different method of contacting you.
A friend or relative ends up in foreign country and needs money right away. If they didn’t tell you they were going there, this is a scam. Their  account may have been stolen, or the email may have been spoofed.
Too good to be true scams: “You’ve won a $1000 gift card, that you never entered a contest to be in”.” You won a foreign lottery. “” I’m a person from another country need you to take care of my millions of dollars.” “unsecured business loans” All of these are scams and if you get involved could loose a lot of money or even end up in a prison if you fall for them (especially if you try to go to another country to get the money back).  Also in the lines of too good to be true A brand new product, new model (not a clearance, refurbished, or used item or loss leader), for significantly less that other places
Prescription drug and medical devices advertisements in emails not only may it be a scam that will cost you money or get you in legal trouble, the product you get may be dangerous.  If it’s the right product, it still could be the wrong dose or size. Or simply not the one for you. Some of the medications or devices may make your problem worse or cause injury or death. Always check with your doctor for anything like this even if you are getting it from your local pharmacy or medical supply store.
It is a good idea just to delete these emails or mark them as junk/spam. And remember that these scams are not limited to emails, they can also happen with phone calls, social media, mail, and paid tv and radio programming so be careful.