Why choose us instead of yellow page companies?

Yellow page companies (such Hibu or Dex) offer web sites and web listings, but we can do better.
What they do: offer an expensive package deal which gives you a basic web site which isn’t much more than what a business card or brochure would show. They also waste a lot of paper and fuel delivering the package deal.
What we do?

  • We offer comprehensive web design, web listing, and hosting services.
  • The domain is registered in your name, not theirs.
  • You choose the level you want, you can do all or part of the web site yourself, or we can do the web design for you.
  • Your web site, is customizable, and can be updated any time by you, or us.
  • It isn’t just a brochure(unless you want it to be). You can have your own custom videos, blog/news posts, event listings, sales ads, links, and shopping cart.
  • Most of our paid hosting packages allow you to have unlimited pages.
  • Customers make an informed decision before they call you, eliminating some nuisance calls.
  • You’re not bound to the business categories found in the Yellow pages. You’re not stuck with your phone number. You aren’t stuck with a typo. Web sites can be changed much quicker.
  • We offer free business listings and paid advertising on:
  • Brainerd Update
  • Onamia Area Website
  • Milaca Area Website
  • TwinCitiesMN.com
  • Although they may find you through your web site, or our listings. We don’t sell your information to other advertisers. Phone book companies do.