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I am celebrating 2 1/2 years of boycotting gasoline and having a car. Only got rides a few times other than carpooling or taking the bus. The main reason is for my health. The second reason is to save money on things like car insurance, repairs, and drive time. Among many other reasons.
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Energy Saving devices list from ASE.org
Why do tablets use less energy than older desktop and laptop computers?
They have no moving parts such as fans, or spinning discs (other than the user moving the entire device). Everything is closer together. They have fewer parts.
They use small energy efficient displays
They also create less heat.
If you continue to use a desktop or laptop computer you can plug the tablet or smart phone into a USB port to trickle charge after you have done the 1st full charge with your charger.
If you remember to unplug the charger, it uses dramatically less energy. The charger since it is converting AC power to DC power, if left plugged in takes more power than the tablet, or smart phone it powers.
Motion sensor power strip:
Motion sensor power allows device to turn off when you aren’t in the room.
It has some outlets that stay on all the time (you would probably plug your desktop tower and router/modem into these ports)
It has some that are on only when someone is in the room: you would plug your monitor, lamps, speakers,  TVs, and chargers (for phones, laptops, and tablets) into these ports.
oLED TVs/monitors
use less electricity and heat
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