Avoiding fires

Thanksgiving. Our first national holiday based on fall feast/festival and political proclamation.
The biggest travel holiday.
Also a time of many cooking fires.
Talk about fire safety.
Basic Cooking tips:
Don’t go far from the kitchen with the stove, oven, toaster or microwave on. (don’t leave apartment or house).
Deep frying turkey, can make things even more dangerous.  If doing so, it is probably best to deep fry away from buildings outside on a surface such as concrete.
Small fires should be put out in 30 seconds or less. grease fires need to be put (stomped) out by covering flame(such as another pan or pan lid) or using proper fire extinguisher not water.
Cooking on decks/balconies can be dangerous and in Minnesota apartment complexes is illegal.
firefighterHave a plan in case of a fire where you live and where you work – how to get out – where to go after you are out and calling for help (911 in an emergency)
what about computer stuff:
Always have your computer backed up offsite or online in case of damage by fire or smoke.
Don’t smoke by computer(and to be even safer not in the house, especially not by a bed and not on deck/balcony). Keep it out of dust.
Use proper electrical equipment such as a surge protector and grounded. Don’t use any frayed chords.
This is of course is not a complete guide. Please be safe. Happy Thanksgiving