Printing to save money?

Is it worth printing things out to save money? like coupons? online postage? printed forms instead paying online fees?
Sometimes.  If you have the printer anyway, with ink already and plenty of paper already.
But if your going to buy more ink or paper or even a printer or computer to do this- it makes no sense as no dollars and cents.
Another thing is if you print a form instead and mail it instead of submitting online to avoid a fee, you may end up waiting longer for processing. You also of course have to consider the cost of the stamp and envelope, and the check.
I recommend if you can get by without a printer, to do that. Printers break down easily. Ink jets, ink is expensive. Laser Printers are expensive and take a lot of room and electricity.
With store coupons at Superone foods I now use their super coupon code, so I don’t have to clip out or print store coupons.