Recommended Downloads 1

I recommend whatever your web browser choice may be, that you use the latest stable browser of your choice, so you stay up to date with security updates.
Personally I like Firefox the most.
With internet explorer you can download the latest from Microsoft (Windows) Update. Microsoft ties their Windows operating system to the browser, so sometimes you need the latest Operating System (OS) for the latest browser with them. post update: Edge browser is also available for Windows 10.
Apple has Safari, which is the default browser for Macintosh OS X, and iOS. It is also available for Windows. It can update with Apple software update or Mac App Store. Sometimes people accidentally install it with iTunes on their windows computer.
Chrome is Google’s Web Browser (also the name of their netbook operating System)
Opera. – I a version of this when I had an older model android phone- since it loaded pages faster.
Why do people choose different browsers? speed of loading, security, ability to share bookmarks (IE calls them favorites) and save passwords among devices, the browser that works best with the pages people use, or use the browser that their device or OS can handle.
Some more downloads:
Get your media electronically – save all that plastic and driving to the stores.
Itunes – the biggest media online, not just a store but also a media player/device sync as well.
From Amazon