Being proactive. It’s not just the word that is used for a name brand face wash. It means being prepared. It means being forefront. It means taking action before bad things happen or before things become worse.
I really do not like the “If it Ain’t broke don’t fix it.” approach. Often times those people ignore what is actually broken.
I’m not a kid anymore and no longer part of the organization, but I still like the motto of 4-H “To make the best better.”
Bringing this approach to technology, you want to take preventative and proactive action.

  • Do routine maintenance on computers.
  • keep them out of dust.
  • research products that can help your business or life.
  • be aware of product recalls.
  • be aware of your warranty options.
  • take advantage of the technology you already have.
  • back up your data routinely on and off-site.
  • Have a disaster plan.

antonym: reactive