Virus removal troubleshooting

Here are some options I take for removing viruses, spyware, and malware from a Windows computer system.

  1.  Run the antivirus, anti spyware, or removal tool
    Tip: Sometimes running the removal in Safe Mode works better (especially if your computer acts up otherwise). You can access Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key after your computer turns on and goes through POST, before starting windows – a menu will pop with Safe Mode option. (I keep tapping on F8 when the computer starts until the menu shows up)
    2nd Tip: Be careful that your virus removal is a trusted source. There are some fakes.
  2. Run System Restore – an option in the Start/Windows menu under Program- Accessories- System Tools. Also available when starting safe mode and under the F8 menu at startup under Fix My Computer sometimes.
  3. Backup necessary data files if possible (you should be doing this all along) and wipe out starting fresh with a clean install of Windows Operating System (OS) /System Recovery. This may require discs or running the recovery from a partition on the hard drive, or in some cases booting and installing it from the network or Internet.

These are just some tips. They may not work in all cases, but any these may work in certain cases.