Power Saving Tips

Here are some general power saving tips (many that you may already know)

  • Unplug USB Devices when not using them (make sure to eject/remove properly if it stores data)
  • Unplug charges and other devices when turned off and not being used from electric outlet.
    • Have your monitor turn off automatically when computer is not in use.
    • Have your computer go to sleep.
    • Automatically have your computer turn off and on at a certain time if the computer is not used during certain hours.
      • These settings are in the control panel in windows usually under power options
      • These settings are in the system preferences in Mac OS X under energy saver
  • Usually when people ask if they should power their computer off, I say they can but only at night or the time they are not using it. The computer should only be powered on once per day at the most. It is OK to do a soft restart to clear the memory and run start up scripts. Remember to shut down properly if possible. Sometimes people will leave their computer on at night or off hours to do anti-virus/anti-malware scans, updates, backups, and run other utilities.
  • Hopefully you aren’t printing all the time unless printing is necessary part of your business. Unless you print all the time printers are usually a good thing to leave off, or turn off during off hours if there are no printing jobs. Or eliminate having a printer all together.
  • Use energy efficient equipment.