essential service / CoVId-19 pandemic business action plan

My business and all of its services appears to be considered an essential service according to in the category Communications and information technology at this time.

Much of my work is done remotely (usually at home). However, I do record video and photograph for some news stories for my web site. I also occasionally go to businesses and perform computer upgrades or maintenance.

For all customers: anything that can be supported by my web site, remote screen sharing, email, or phone should be done that way.

For businesses: If on site service is needed beyond what can be done through remote means. I will have gloves and mask with me (will wear if other people are in room) and ask that everyone stays at least 6 feet away when working.

For digitizing remote media: Can pick up and returned by my bicycle if local. I have capability to get a lot on my bicycle and can go to Brainerd Baxter Merrifield or Nisswa. You can also ship it to me by mail, UPS, or FedEx and I can return it that way. Drop off is not available since I work from home and there are many people that live at my apartment building.

I may also accept laptops or portable devices if they can be picked up by bicycle from homes and businesses and returned locally. This is only the problem cannot be solved through remote support. I cannot carry much weight and am not willing to go inside of homes at this point. Drop off is not available since I work from home and there are many people that live at my apartment building

I will take precautionary measures and ask that all customers also take precautionary measures. Masks are required when interacting with my business (in same room or during deliveries) for both me, my customers, and anyone representing my business. I have made a summarized list of basic precautions for this pandemic.

Digital photography shoots with other people (senior portraits, wedding engagement pics) that might not be considered essential communication related should be postponed if possible until stay at home order is lifted. Event photography should only be those events that are allowed by the order.

Minnesota Governor Walz issued a stay at home order

11:59pm on Friday, March 27 and extended at 5:00pm on May 18 2020

This post has been updated on May 4, 2020 to reflect Minnesota Governor Walz’s extension of the stay at home order and to make this my business action plan.

/signed/ Nathan Steffenson May 4 2020