Outsourcing vs. Offshoring

Outsourcing: Outsourcing simply means having another company do work that is not done in house. For example a lawyer may outsource web site development to a web developer. This can be done in the same country, same state, or even same town.

Of course, when the media refers to outsourcing all that is mentioned is the out of country outsourcing , also called off-shoring.

I provide outsourcing to small businesses and once in a while large businesses through a contract or employment with another company, providing IT and web development services in the same state (both in the United States of America).
My business also uses some online outsourcing/partnering with businesses are based in the United States. Some of the companies have international operations.
Most companies do some outsourcing, since not everything can be done on their own.
This is just to clarify that there is a broader definition of the word outsourcing.

One of the reasons I like Macintosh Hardware

Although computer repair is not the primary focus of my business, I still get many calls in for it.
One problem that occurs frequently on computer notebooks that are not later Macintosh is that the power chord and power jack on the computer quit fitting together. Often times it is from misuse such as dropping or pulling the power chord too fast or shoving it in to hard. Sometimes it is not an easy fix. With Macintosh however it uses the Mag-safe connector which uses a magnet to latch on the power chord so it can easily separate if pulled and it stays in place if not pulled, so the problem rarely occurs.
I think it is a great advantage that doesn’t always get mentioned when people think about Apple Macintosh vs another notebook computer. Many times people just think of the software or the appearance of the hardware.
Another advantage for keeping stable is the metal enclosure along with the built in battery on most Macintosh now.
This also keeps the computer more stable when the computer is being moved around.
Even though it is more stable on Macintosh, with any computer, I strongly recommend avoiding dropping it. Keep it on a stable surface. Keep it away from young children and pets. Keep it out of dust including smoke. Supervise children when with computers.